Borealis Council was created to confer and explore the Supplementary Degrees of the AMD.  The degrees of Knight of Constantinople and Grand Tyler of Solomon are conducted in our mother council, Yellowhead #220.


St. Lawrence the Martyr — This is the administrative degree under which all meetings are conducted.  New members to AMD in this council  are required to take this degree.  The degree is simple yet offers a bold lesson in courage, faith, and fortitude.


Excellent Master —  It is almost safe to state that it is as old as is Royal Arch Masonry, because it has always formed a part thereof. Even in the United States it is mentioned as early as 1769, when in St. Andrew’s Chapter, Boston, a Brother was “made by receiving the four steps, that of an Excellt., Sup.-Excellt., Royll. Arch and Kt. Templar.”  The ritual used is a beautiful ceremony, and almost necessary to the Royal Arch.  Having passed the three veils in Babylon, there is necessity at Jerusalem only to enter the fourth, or White, Veil.  It is a simple and beautiful method of working.

Master of Tyre — Originating in North Carolina, the degree is set around long lectures, with the main lesson taught being duty. The emphasis on the Tyrian connection of Masonry, however, makes it unique from the perspective of the majority of Masonic degrees.

Architect – This degree or “grade” is the first of a trilogy of Grades expanding upon the Solomonic lessons of architecture. The structure of the degree is Continental in character, resembling certain Rites of the French and German grades, but incorporating the use of trestleboards as used in English and Scottish Masonry. Not surprisingly, it is first found attached to the Early Grand Rite of Scotland under the same name, as the VII° of the Blue Series.

Grand Architect — The Grade of Grand Architect is a continuation sequence of the Architect Grade. It is found first in the Early Grand Rite of Scotland under the same name, as the VIII° of the Blue Series. It is a continuation of the Solomonic legends of architecture, which seek to impose the ideal of an increasingly select and secretive body of craftsmen performing work upon the Solomonic Temple.

Superintendent — The Grade of Superintendent is somewhat of an enigma. It is clearly related to the Grades of Architect and Grand Architect, indeed, it is the climax of the latter, but was not one of the Grades of the Early Grand Rite of Scotland. Research into that body has failed to establish any connection, the IX° of that Rite’s Blue Series was worked as “Master of the Blue,” and pertained to one of the tests of wisdom between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Neither is it found under the Rite’s Red, Black, Green, or White Series; where it would be most inappropriate in any case. Thus we are left with the frustrating mystery of a Grade which appears to be a ne plus ultra in the Solomonic architecture. Whatever the case may be, it is a fitting tribute to the other Grades, and rightly deserves a place in the Allied Masonic Degrees.



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A new AMD council dedicated to exploring the Supplementary Degrees and the hidden mysteries of nature

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